Pearl and The Canyon Revelry Band

Pappy & Harriet's Presents

Pearl and The Canyon Revelry Band

Sacred Cowboys (Featuring W. Earl Brown from Deadwood), Starlight Cleaning Co.

Thu, February 28, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


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Pearl and The Canyon Revelry Band - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Pearl and The Canyon Revelry Band
Honey-throated and soulful, and possessing a compelling growl full of grit and strut when she lets loose, Pearl Aday follows up her critically acclaimed 2010 debut with her new release “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” ushering in a new dawn of California Country Rock. Joining forces with the venerable Jim Wilson, (longtime bassist for Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris and leader of Motor Sister and Mother Superior), Pearl once again proves how she is every inch a rock chanteuse who seamlessly moves from vulnerable to guttural in one measure.

“Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” produced by Jay Ruston, is the natural evolution from 2010’s “Little Immaculate White Fox,” which was cited as not only “a noble debut” but tapped as leaving “a huge impact on the music scene” with “new female rock icon” Pearl likened to Ann Wilson, KT Tunstall and Shania Twain.

The album takes its title from two central events in Pearl’s life: her move to Topanga Canyon with her husband Scott and the birth of their son, Revel Young, now 5 years old.

Of this sophomore release, Pearl adds, “There’s something incredibly cathartic for me in this record. Writing and performing my music has always been my therapy, my safe place. In fact, I never sleep better than I do after a show, after I’ve been given the privilege of singing my guts out. I’ve come to realize that we are all in ‘this’ together – this world, this place in time – and if these songs give someone the feeling that they’re heard, understood, not alone, I’m elated.”
Sacred Cowboys (Featuring W. Earl Brown from Deadwood) - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Sacred Cowboys (Featuring W. Earl Brown from Deadwood)
SACRED COWBOYS was birthed from a love of Country, Bluegrass, Gospel and Blues. The seed was planted when a group of friends sat around playing songs at parties and BBQs. It began in 2003 and grew from backyards, to barrooms, to theaters, to Southern California’s Stagecoach Festival in 2009. With the momentum of their rousing festival performance behind them… the band took a long hiatus. The combination of individual careers and schedules proved too daunting to overcome at the time, so the Cowboys were put out to pasture.

Their friendships never ended though. In 2018 that same core group got together, invited some new friends along, and realized there was still a lot of music left in them. Sacred Cowboys ride again.
Starlight Cleaning Co. - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Starlight Cleaning Co.
Starlight Cleaning Co. is a Mojave Desert operation fronted by Rachel Dean and Tim Paul Gray. Rachel and Tim’s paths were interwoven for nearly a decade before formally meeting in May of 2015 when they played a show together at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown , CA.

Previously Rachel had played under her name and released an album called Indian Summer (produced by Neal Casal and Rob Campanella) as well as The Hot Fudge Sunday, Pappy and Harriet’s Sunday House Band and before that her band, War Children.

Tim fronted Orange County based bands The Delusions and Charles Mansion.

As as duo, Rachel and Tim have toured with Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Bash And Pop, Guns ‘n’ Roses) and played FolkYeah’s Vertigo Fest (featuring Roky Erickson, the Allah-Las, and Vetiver), among many other shows throughout the country.

Now as Starlight Cleaning Co. they are joined by LA friends to fully realize their sonic intentions.

Starlight Cleaning Co. is Rachel Dean, Tim Paul Gray, Mikey Whiteside (Far West, Brian Whelan, Sam Morrow, Leslie Stevens), Adam Arcos (Adan Jordowsky, Beach Party, Sam Morrow, Brian Whelan), and Salvatore Romano (Blank Tapes, Send Medicine, Moving Units and Lauren Barth). Drawing inspiration from Costello, Hynde, the Glimmer Twins and all the other queens and kings of Rock ‘n’ roll, Starlight Cleaning Company will wash the day’s gravy from your starched white shirt and tickle your dirty, little ear holes.
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Pappy & Harriet's
53688 Pioneertown Road
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