Kat Myers + The Buzzards

Pappy + Harriet's Presents

Kat Myers + The Buzzards

Fri, August 11, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

Kat Myers + The Buzzards - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Kat Myers + The Buzzards
Kat Myers and the Buzzards are an LA based rock n roll band, formed in 2014. Growing up in Ohio, Kat was raised listening to classic rock and classic country and discovered punk rock and garage rock in her early teens. All of these influences can be heard in the music. Kat’s voice has been compared to Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris and fellow Ohioan, Chrissy Hynde. Upon moving to LA in 2013, Kat began playing solo gigs around town and quickly gained a local following with her quick-witted and sincere songs. “I don’t like to write a song just for the sake of a song. I’m not going to write about love and mountains and butterflies unless I’m really feeling it. I’d rather take the time and write something that actually sounds like it’s coming from me. I’m kind of a goofball and kind of an asshole and I’m not going to try and hide that.” In late 2014 she recruited Elliott Beenk (Lissie, Zach Heckendorf) and Johnny Elkins (Ivory Deville) to form Kat Myers & the Buzzards.

In early 2015, the group recorded their first EP at Studerbaker Sound with Kevin Smith, (Shangri La Studios) engineering and producing and Gentry Studer, (Howie Weinberg studios) mastering. Year one has been eventful for the Buzzards, including tours to AZ and along California’s central coast. Other notable highlights include: Jam In the Van, The Grand Ole Echo, Echo Park Rising, a downtown residency at The Escondite and Make Music Pasadena.

The Buzzards rehearse and create at their friend Pete’s house on Wade Street in Mar Vista, or as they call it “Wade’s World Studios”. The Buzzards are currently planning for their second EP and spring tour.
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