DAVE CATCHING from EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Record Release party! SHARED HALLUCINATIONS PART 1, Mojave Lords, The Mutants, Sweethead, Alain Johannes, Sumo Princess, Gary Wertz (Strawberry Smog), VERY Special Guests!



Mojave Lords

The Mutants


Alain Johannes

Sumo Princess

Gary Wertz (Strawberry Smog)

VERY Special Guests!

Sat, May 27, 2017

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

This event is all ages

Limitied Tickets at the door!

Tickets are general admission and non-refundable.

Inside is first come first served. 350 Capacity.

A ticket to this show does not guarantee a seat. This is a non-seated show. Which means, there will not be chairs on the Dance Floor, just the tables for dinner only. Sometimes we move all the tables out if it is a well sold show.

Set Times are Subject To Change

SWEETHEAD 7:30-8:30

GARY WERTZ 10-10:40
ALAIN JOHANNES 10:45 -11:45
special guests 1:15-1:40
Mojave Lords - (Set time: 8:50 PM)
Mojave Lords
RANCHO de la LUNA MEZCAL is hand-crafted and bottled with the same generous spirits of warm hospitality, creativity, and attention to detail that has made the RANCHO de la LUNA recording studio a destination for artists, and a beacon for music fans worldwide.



RANCHO de la LUNA MEZCAL is pleased to present this beautiful libation for your enjoyment and inspiration.

MOJAVE LORDS was born in Joshua Tree, California at Rancho De La Luna recording studio, where Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Daniel Lanois, The Desert Sessions, Masters Of Reality, UNKLE and countless others have created incredible recordings.

MOJAVE LORDS is the brain-child of musical mastermind David Catching and his neighbor, the equally brilliant Bingo Richey. After years of working with some of the world's brightest rock artists, they decided to team up, strap themselves in to a homemade rocket and press the launch button.

With some help from their friends; Brian "Big Hands" O'Connor, Barrett Martin, Chris Goss, Joey "The Sexy Mexi" Castillo and Danny Frankel, they made what the New York Times is calling "Dark, sexy rock & roll for a brave new race."

This is the next wave of Desert Stoner Rock.

This is mature, smart and visceral.


Featuring members of Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age, Screaming Trees, Tuatara, earthlings?, Masters Of Reality.
The Mutants - (Set time: 12:00 AM)
The Mutants

Killer Tracks Production Music is thrilled to release the new album from The Mutants! The third installment in an ongoing series from the band, volume three: Your Desert My Mind, sees these veteran punk rockers collaborating and drawing together the biggest names from the Desert Music Scene for a dusty psych-rock rumble.

The Mutants are Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant/Sinead O Connor/The Wolfmen), Space (Black Futures) and Rat Scabies (The Damned). Recorded at Joshua Tree’s own Rancho De La Luna studio, guest artists appearing on Your Desert My Mind include: The Dandy Warhols members Peter Holmstrom, Brent DeBoer and Zia McCabe , Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), David Catching (Eagles of Death Metal), Eden Galindo (Eagles of Death Metal), Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag), Bingo Richey (Mojave Lords) and Victoria Williams.
Sweethead - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
OUTSIDE; 7:30 pm

"The four-piece sports an alum of Queens Of The Stone Age, but the attraction here is singer Serrina Sims, a platinum-tressed piranha of a frontwoman at home on gleefully brutal bangers as much as snazzy punk blitzes. They're named for a Bowie B-side, and while they hit a bit harder than Mr. Stardust, they share his pan-sexual swagger." - LA Times
Alain Johannes - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
Alain Johannes
INSIDE: 10:45 pm

Rock writer Steven Rosen has this to say about Alain Johannes and the new album:

Alain Johannes is his own planet, guided by his own orbit and circling his own sun on Fragments and Wholes Vol. 1. On his second solo album, this self-contained artist of stunning pedigree—he has been an elemental part of live and recorded projects with everyone from Chris Cornell and Queens of the Stone Age to Them Crooked Vultures, No Doubt and the Arctic Monkeys—strums all the guitars, bangs all the drums, sings all the vocals as well as engineers, produces and mixes every note of every song.

On his new record—the long awaited follow-up to 2010's Spark—Johannes is like a mad scientist run amok in a sonic laboratory. Recorded at his home studio where multiple rooms are filled wall to ceiling with a wonderfully strange assortment of bizarre electric guitars, quirky acoustics, vintage stomp boxes and all the hippest and coolest recording paraphernalia you've ever seen, the Santiago, Chile native cross-pollinates sounds and scrambles textures in a way you've never heard before but swear you have. Heartbreakingly beautiful fingerpicked nylon string guitars dissolve into a deluge of menacing distorted electrics on one song while an ensemble section made up of flutes and saxes, or melancholic slide riffs recalling George Harrison's most beatific moments and even Led Zeppelin-tempered drum grooves variously inform other tracks.

The music is dark and atmospheric and balances on the singer's drone-like melodies, which are seemingly wrenched from somewhere deep inside him. His voice is haunted on "Kaleidoscope" and shimmers like heat rising from a summer sidewalk's day on "Swan and Crow." He plays this weird cigar box guitar that sounds eerily like a mandolin and when you hear these fluttery-styled Eastern licks creeping through the songs, you'd swear you're sitting in some smoky Casbah somewhere in Morocco puffing on a hookah and watching turbaned Bedouins riding through the nighttime desert. Johannes makes his electric guitar sound variously like a sitar and even as if it's being recorded backwards. He doesn't so much play his Fender Jazzmaster as he stabs at it, poking at it like a cornered animal. From his arsenal of battered, no name, pawnshop electric six-strings, the multi-instrumentalist manages to coax a pastiche of the most charming and chilling array of antique, lo-fi, fuzzed-out, tremolo-laden and EBow-slinky tones.

"It's like I get on a train and I can't get off," Alain Johannes says about the making of Fragments and Wholes Vol. 1. "If I have a false start then I'll just abandon it because I know I'm not plugged in somehow. I don't push through because for me most of the time it doesn't work. This is Vol. 1 because I was listening to the Beatles White album and there's this and there's that and this is short and this is long. It's 12 songs and 34 minutes, which would be so sweet on vinyl. I'm just trying to communicate the world of the song—the vibe of the song and the little mini-universe it's in as simply as possible. That doesn't mean it doesn't have thickness and texture. It just means get in and get out. And now for Vol. II? I have no idea what that's gonna be."
Sumo Princess - (Set time: 6:15 PM)
Sumo Princess
Los Angeles based, bass and drum duo Sumo Princess is the brainchild of bassist/ vocalist Abby Travis (The Go-Go’s, Cher, Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, Far ung, The Bangles, Beck, KMFDM, Elastica) and drummer/cohort Gene Trautmann (Queens of the Stoneage, Eagles of Death Metal, The Miracle Workers, The Twilight Singers, Mark Lanegan, Drag News, Mojave Lords)
After working for 30+ years, as a gun for hire: Travis got sick of being appropriate and tasteful so she started creating a new, post political, music from her gut. Sumo Princess has the balls of teenage rebellion with the experience and chops of two alt rock music veterans. Travis and Trautmann have been friends since the 1980’s when she was in The Lovedolls and he played drums with paisley undergound stalwarts The Miracle Workers. The sound they are creating draws heavily from their misspent youths with direct lines to the Residents, Butthole Surfers, Devo, Black Flag, acid during the Reagan administration and legendary LA punk rock clubhouse Rajis.
Improvisation and strange vocal stylings are main ingredients in Sumo Princess’ work. When singing, Travis seems to take on different characters in each narrative. This is big departure from her earlier, more personal, solo work. (Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop, Glittermouth, IV, The Abby Travis Foundation) Through ltering her bass guitar through a myriad of strange pedals, she creates a new sound she calls “Artcore”
Travis is surprised that such reactionary, non results oriented work is resonating so deeply with fans: “I started this band to preserve my own sanity”, Travis says, “My initial goal was just to play at my brother’s club (Dave Travis/ Café Nela.) I’m amazed at the audience response we are getting.”
Trautmann says:
“When Abby asked we to play in Sumo I was stoked because I knew her musicianship and drive would challenge me to better my own playing and to do things I wouldn’t normally do in the standard rock paradigm. We’re really hitting marks across the spectrum of style and I like it like that. Also I get to sing and play orchestral percussion, which is awesome.”
Look for the debut Sumo Princess release in ‘17.
Gary Wertz (Strawberry Smog) - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Gary Wertz (Strawberry Smog)
INSIDE: 10pm

Strawberry Smog’s psych-pop jangle-bop musical explorations are a meeting of town and country: The Kinks filtered through Waylon Jennings. It’s Country man wandering into the City and remarking on the crazy shit going down there. And it’s Urban man, escaping to the woods and desert for the renewal of fresh air, homebrew and home-grown.
VERY Special Guests! - (Set time: 1:15 AM)
Venue Information:
Pappy & Harriet's
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA, 92268