John Doe Rock 'n' Roll band featuring Howe Gelb

Pappy + Harriet's Presents

John Doe Rock 'n' Roll band featuring Howe Gelb

Syd Straw w/ Karyn Kuhl

Thu, April 27, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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John Doe Rock 'n' Roll band featuring Howe Gelb - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
John Doe Rock 'n' Roll band featuring Howe Gelb
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John Doe is much more likely to look ahead to what's next, rather than fixate on the past – even a past as storied and influential as his own. "When you look backwards, you just end up thinking 'I wish I could write that song again – that was a good one,'" he explains. "You gotta keep going forward. But, within the past five years or so, I've begun to realize some of the advantages of reflection."

Doe's sizable contribution to the music of X and The Knitters, which first brought him to international attention, made clear what was important to him: haunting songs, heart-rending vocals, pronounced country/rockabilly underpinnings, and no-frills production. His commitment to these values only deepened as he branched out on his own.
Syd Straw w/ Karyn Kuhl - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Syd Straw w/ Karyn Kuhl
Vocalist, singer/songwriter, and guitarist Syd Straw first made a name for herself as part of the Golden Palominos, a band led by Anton Fier that enjoyed a cult following in the 1980s. Her Capricorn Records debut, War and Peace, was released in 1996, and since then, her unique blend of folk-rock and blues-rock has found a home with Triple A (adult album alternative) radio stations and their audiences around the country. Straw released Surprise in 1990 to good reviews. That recording chronicled Straw's emergence as a songwriter; she had thought of herself primarily as a song interpreter before that. OnSurprise, Straw was joined by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), John Doe (X), Ry Cooder, Daniel Lanois, Don Was, Richard Thompson, and Marshall Crenshaw.

Straw was raised in Los Angeles, the daughter of Hollywood film and TV actor Jack Straw, best-known for his starring role in The Pajama Game. She was drawn to the life of a performer, and after high school, she headed straight for Manhattan, arriving in New York in 1978. Shortly after that, she landed her first job singing harmonies for Pat Benatar, and later joined the Golden Palominos' ever-changing lineup, which also included Michael Stipe and Matthew Sweet. Straw can be heard on the Palominos' Visions Of Excess and Blast of Silence albums. She also toured the U.S. and Europe with the band, performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival one year.

In the midst of promoting and touring for War and Peace, Straw has kept up her profile as a scenemaker, sitting in at clubs and lending her gifted musical sensibilities to records by Vic Chesnutt,Wilco, Rickie Lee Jones, David Sanborn, and Evan Dando. A version of her song "Howl'' served as the title cut for a film by Eric Stoltz, Sleep with Me. Straw was the first female singer signed by Capricorn, a roots rock and blues label based in Nashville. On War and Peace, she's accompanied by a gifted bar band from Missouri, Lou Whitney & the Skeletons, and she recorded the album without a lot of extras at their studio off Route 66 in Springfield, MO. On the album, Straw addresses themes ranging from love and the lack of it on a track by the same name, "Love and the Lack of It,'' as well as loneliness, as on "All Things Change.''

Straw is an enormously gifted vocalist and songwriter who has her own distinct musical vision, as evidenced on her self-produced War and Peace. That vision is a rootsy one, with lots of country and blues influences. The 14 originals on the record prove it. Although she didn't set out to, she also plays rhythm guitar on many of the tracks on the album. Straw says with the biography accompanying War and Peace that she doesn't see the album as a "comeback'' at all, "because things have been constantly busy and changing for me since Surprise came out. But I really threw myself into the new record in a way that I haven't been inspired to do for a long time.'' Great records and a wider following are in the offing for this unique, multi-genre vocalist and songwriter. She released her third album, Pink Velour, in 2008.

Karyn Kuhl Band is a blues influenced rock quartet based in Hoboken, NJ and led by singer, songwriter, guitarist Karyn Kuhl. The current line-up includes renowned guitarist Jim Mastro (Ian Hunter, The Bongos), bassist Lou Ciarlo and drummer Jonpaul Pantozzi. Their 11 song recording Songs For The Dead won best album at the 2013 Hoboken Music Awards.

The band's most recent EP, The Stars Will Bring You Home, was produced by James Mastro (Jill Sobule, Steve Wynn) and recorded & mixed by Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf, Juliana Hatfield).

Karyn Kuhl Band is known for their explosive and haunting live shows where songs skew heavily to minor keys and travel a dreamy and harsh landscape. Mastro's and Kuhl's dynamic guitar interplay and a flawlessly locked in rhythm section are at the service of Kuhl’s masterful vocal performances.

Prior to embarking on a solo career Kuhl fronted Hoboken favorites Gut Bank and Sexpod. Both bands garnered critical raves in the 80's and 90's and shared the stage with acts such as Richard Hell, Husker Du and Joan Jett.

Kuhl formed a band under her name in the early 2000's. Her self-released EP The Beautiful Glow (2003) and full length Cigarette Songs (2007) were both produced by Super Buddha (Blondie, Debbie Harry).

“An electrifying musician and interpreter of modern blues” -

“Kuhl looks to the rawness of the blues and electric guitar theatricality of anyone who likes it loud and fast and distorted”-

“Reminding us that the blues were always a part of the early Stooges sound, Kuhl shredded her guitar nicely at the intersection of Ron Asheton Road and Albert King Avenue”-
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