I See Hawks in LA, Bart Budwig's Amperband, Little Wings

Desert Denim and Pappy + Harriet's Presents

I See Hawks in LA

Bart Budwig's Amperband

Little Wings

The Shadow Mountain Band

Sat, February 25, 2017

8:00 pm


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I See Hawks in LA - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
I See Hawks in LA
Formed in 2000 by Rob Waller and brothers Paul and Anthony Lacques during a philosophical discussion and rock throwing session on an East Mojave desert trek, I See Hawks In L.A. wrote their first batch of songs and then sought advice from local country rock guru David Jackson, sideman with John Denver, Dillard and Clark, and Emmylou Harris.

Jackson set up a few mics and recorded Rob and Paul, playing along on bass. This demo turned into featured songs on the Hawks eponymous debut on now-defunct Ethic Records, featuring legendary fiddler Brantley Kearns (Dwight Yoakam, Dave Alvin, Hazel Dickens). The CD established the Hawks signature sound: high lonesome three part harmonies, twang guitar and unadorned acoustic arrangements, with lyrics musing on mortality, whales, and the geography of pre-apocalyptic L.A. I See Hawks In L.A. received rave reviews, made the F.A.R. Alternative Country Chart, and continues to get regular airplay. With its experimental spirit and wide ranging musical influences, the record tweaks some traditionalists. But most agree that the Hawks have broken new ground.

The Hawks hadn't planned on much more than back porch songwriting and beer drinking, but the buzz prompted them into live performing, and they quickly rose to the top of heap in the brand new Los Angeles alternative country scene. Bassist Paul Marshall (Strawberry Alarm Clock, Hank Thompson, Rose Maddox) threw in with the Hawks after sitting in at Ronnie Mack's Barndance in Burbank, and after brother Anthony left to pursue documentary film making fulltime, drummer Shawn Nourse (Dwight Yoakum, James Intveld) signed on for a trip to Texas and SXSW and never left. Kickass electric shows all over SoCal, from House of Blues to the Cinema Bar, garnered the Hawks two L.A. Weekly Best Country Artist awards in 2002 and 2003.

The Hawks second CD, "Grapevine," was released on the summer solstice 2004, and immediately went to #1 on the F.A.R. Chart, lingered in the Americana Chart's top 100 for months, and hit #2 on XM Radio's X Country station in January '05. Rave reviews and a national audience followed the Hawks 28 city Summer '04 tour, from a state prison in Vermont to a Mississippi roadhouse to the Cactus Cafe and KUT's Eklektikos in Austin, to Hempfest in Seattle. Summer of '05 West Coast and Rockies tours brought the Hawks to the woods, and the woods to the Hawks.

The Hawks' third CD, "California Country," with guest spots from Chris Hillman, Rick Shea, Cody Bryant, Danny McGough, Tommy Funderburk, and other SoCal roots brethren, is a leap forward and backwards, both more progressive and aggressive on the electric/psychedelic front, and more stripped down on the acoustic numbers. Tackling subjects like despair in Disney World, blackjack in Jackpot, hippie parenting, donkeys, and Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia, "California Country" brings more bluegrass, Phase 90 country psychedelia, and steel driven honky tonk to the Hawks sonic empire.

Summer 2006 brought the Hawks to 30 states, England, and Scotland, performing 57 shows to intimate living room audiences, honky tonks, and big outdoor festivals. Co-billed with some of their favorite artists--Lucinda Williams, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Dave Alvin, The Blasters, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, everybodyfields, Tony Gilkyson, Randy Weeks, The Meat Puppets, and Mike Stinson--the Hawks feel a strong sense of community with the roots country tribe.

In May 2008 the Hawks released "Hallowed Ground," with guest spots from fiddlers Dave Markowitz and Gabe Witcher, pedal steeler Dave Zirbel, and forays into Celtic music, Tex Mex, and more of the Hawks psychedelic country rock and folk textures and harmonies. "Hallowed Ground" hit #1 on the FAR Chart, #4 on the Euro Chart, and got lots o' great reviews.

In Summer 2008 the Hawks did a brief but memorable tour of Northern Ireland and the Down On The Farm festival in Norway.

Rob Waller and Paul Lacques had two songs on the Grammy nominated CD from Texas roots supergroup Polka Freakout. Hallowed Ground was featured in the HBO series True Blood, as two yuppies drained the blood from an aging vampire. This inspiring brush with big media has left the band with a warm fuzzy glow.

Look for the acoustic version of the band in February 2009 at the Folk Alliance national conference in Memphis. As always, the band is working on songs for a new CD. They're trying to shake their eco apocalyptic vision and lyrics theme, but it's no use. At least the reality of the times is catching up with the songs.

The Hawks have been featured performers in concert series including: The Ash Grove 50th Anniversary at UCLA, Sunset Junction (Silverlake), downtown L.A.'s California Plaza series, Seattle Hempfest, the Skirball Center, Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago, Joe's Pub in Manhattan, McCabes, The Folk Music Center, and the Getty Museum.

In 2003 The Hawks scored a "Modern Marvels" for the History Channel, a documentary on American cattle ranching from its roots in 19th century Texas to modern mega-factory-farms. The Hawks made soundscapes with old time fiddle, dobro, and jawharp, and brought the music to modern times with some Merle Haggard's Strangers-type country stomp and some space age (al la "Jetsons") guitar and human beat box.
Bart Budwig's Amperband - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Bart Budwig's Amperband
Head North from the Snake or East from the Columbia River, and a surreal, prolific beauty of a landscape pulls you in: homesteads tucked into oceanic hills of wind-blown loess prairie, grain elevators glowing in late afternoon light like skyscrapers if skyscrapers had learned humility, and small canyons suddenly breaking the hypnotic hills in rebellious flashes of rose-barked centenarian ponderosa pines and basalt cliffs, then vanishing.

Bart Budwig grew up on the Idaho Palouse, with a pawn shop trumpet and a heart as big as a skyscraper - if skyscrapers knew how to be humble. Bart learned melody from classic jazz charts, and learned that fault-lines in big hearts create drifting continents, cut new oceans and forge new mountains. Everyone close to him disappeared, whether to death or Texas, and from Texas he got a letter from Waylon Jennings entreating him to pick up a guitar and a pen.

Bart Budwig doesn’t write the big songs. He writes the songs about the places between the hills, in the draws and hidden canyons where truth is a little more in focus, stories can take their time gettin’ told, heartbreak is a place of deep reflection, and melodies don’t have to wear rhinestone suits or drive new, shiny, cars to be beautiful. Bart’s also not afraid of working out of the spotlight- he engineered not only his own full-length Whiskey Girl (2012), but also albums and tours with Radiation City, Holiday Friends, Girlfriends, Misé, John Craigie, Edmund Wayne, and Mama Doll. He also made the rare (for songwriters these days) move of covering both a Waylon tune and a friend's (An American Forrest) tune on Whiskey Girl. His second full-length, The Moon & Other Things, is due out in late 2015. In the meantime he’s busy regularly updating Jalapeno Business, a covers and duets record available for free on Soundcloud, featuring Joseph, Craigie, Forrest, Luke Ydtsie (of Blind Pilot), Janis Carper, and a whole slew of other northwest musicians. Bart will be touring the Northwest from his home of Enterprise, Oregon, when not locked away in the studio producing his friends' records.
Little Wings - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Little Wings
Little Wings is a musical project started in 1998 by Kyle Field (born in San Luis Obispo, California), who has been joined by assorted musicians, many from K Records, who have released six Little Wings albums. Kyle has played with The Microphones, and also makes art. He has lived in many places and is currently found next to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA.

Prior to being a solo act, Kyle was bassist and singer in the band Rodriguez with M.Ward.

Kyle Field's first outing for Woods frontman Jeremy Earl's Woodsist label, Explains retains all of the idiosyncrasies of previous Little Wings outings (shambolic, Skip Spence-inspired folk-rock, funny/profound/sad/nonsensical stream of consciousness lyrics, and a vocal style that's as compelling as it is totally off-putting), but it also stands as the Alabama-bred, California-based pop outlier's most polished offering to date.

Field is still the shifty guy at the bus stop who talks out loud and writes cryptic notes to himself in the margins of an old dog-eared library book, but listeners who are already acclimated to his peculiar brand of pitch-be-damned North-Cali slacker poetry will know that it's best just to go along for the ride and leave the dowsing rod at home, because any attempt to parse his particular vernacular will just yield further bemusement — imagine an amalgam of Wesley Willis, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and a really high M. Ward.

Sonically, Explains is breezy, effortless, and warm as a Pacific Ocean sunset, and its laid-back vibe helps tame some of Field's more manic, pop culture-laden diatribes like "Light Brang" and "Where." That chill vibe is bolstered by intermittent strokes of pedal steel, dulcimer, banjo, brushed drums, and parlor piano, all of which pair nicely with Field's laconic delivery and often moving observations about everything from wanderlust and heartache to Dunkin' Donuts and HBO's Entourage.
The Shadow Mountain Band - (Set time: 5:00 PM)
The Shadow Mountain Band
The Shadow Mountain Band specializes in mountain-style harmonies with lively acoustic backup. They feature Traditional Mountain Music, Hillbilly Gospels (think- ‘oh Brother, Where art Thou’) and Bluegrass, along with eclectic originals and completely reworked contemporary tunes. Music critics have begun to call their style ‘desert grass’.
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