Bart & The Bedazzled

Pappy & Harriet's Presents

Bart & The Bedazzled

Starlight Cleaning Co., Sweet Chariot

Fri, May 31, 2019

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

Bart & The Bedazzled
Bart & The Bedazzled
Bart and the Bedazzled

Recorded in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Blue Motel (Lovemonk/Légère/Burger) is the new album by Bart Davenport with his band The Bedazzled and produced by Aaron M. Olson (L.A. Takedown). Coming in April 2018, Davenport explores new territory with this moody and cinematic work. A European tour and select, live U.S. performances will coincide with the exciting new release.

The Bedazzled is a band lineup that brings together the jangly guitars of Wayne Faler (Dream Boys) with the soul beats of drummer and percussionist, Andres Renteria (Jose Gonzales) and the post punk bass lines of Jessica Espeleta (also L.A. Takedown), all wrapped around Davenport’s soulful voice. The four friends, united in their affection for the “Elegant 80s” sounds of Prefab Sprout and Style Council give Davenport’s songs a distinct esthetic that producer, Aaron M. Olson relished in augmenting. Olson’s own music incorporates soundtrack and avant-garde elements. His gift for song arrangement and talent with synthesizers both weave their way into Blue Motel seamlessly and subtly. The resulting sound is Anglophile pop meets West Coast yacht rock with occasional sci-fi weirdness. Vocalist, Nedelle Torrisi makes several guest appearances, including the lush layers of harmony on ‘The Amateurs’. Saxophonist Billy McShane is also featured on three songs with improvisations that evoke scenes of whale watching on the moon.

Themes include day jobs, dating, urban decay, lost innocence and most prominently time travel. The album lives somewhere in an imagined past or future that is curiously both the 80s and the 60s, conveying nostalgia for a fantasy world and a cheeky cynicism in a time where things seem to be collapsing around us. Davenport’s songs are delivered with his signature happy/sad sensibility. From the slapstick melancholia of ‘The House That Built Itself’, to the sad surf music of ‘Halloween By The Sea’ or the romantic L.A. noir of the title track ‘Blue Motel’, Bart & The Bedazzled deliver an album with a spoonful of tears, a nod and a wink.

BART DAVENPORT might be a multitude of things,
depending on whom you ask. He’s been a mod, a
blues singer and a soft-rock troubadour. He’s an
eccentric guitarist and singer with the timeless voice
of a real crooner. He lives and writes songs in Los
Angeles. His work transports us to an imagined past
or future that is curiously both the 80s and the 60s.
Like most speculative fiction, Davenport’s stories
might just be a reflection of now, taking place in a
fantasy world but conveying personal and universal
truths. He performs and records with his band The
Bedazzled, featuring bassist Jessica Espeleta,
guitarist Wayne Faler (Dream Boys) and drummer
Andres Renteria. The group recently spent 11 days at
a studio in Boyle Heights with producer, Aaron M.
Olson (L.A. Takedown) recording Blue Motel the latest Bart Davenport record scheduled for release in April 2018 on Lovemonk and Burger Tapes.
A native of Oakland, California, Bart Davenport’s roots are in the 90s garage and blues scenes. His first band, The Loved Ones performed a rawkus style of r&b, opening for the likes of Junior Wells and John Lee Hooker. In the 00s Davenport went solo and turned the volume down but not the intensity. Whitest Boy Alive and Kings of Convenience singer, Erlend Øye, has called him the “best one-guy-and-guitar performer there is”. It made pragmatic sense to tour “solo” but Davenport’s heart was always in ensemble band arrangements and his
Bart Davenport online Website Facebook Twitter Lovemonk Discogs
Discography (albums) Bart Davenport, 2002 Game Preserve, 2003
Maroon Cocoon, 2005 Palaces, 2008 Searching for Bart Davenport, 2011 Physical World, 2014

recordings often reflect his affection for collaboration.
Released in 2002, Bart’s self-titled solo debut was an indie pop layer cake filled with drums, organs and vocal harmonies. He quickly followed that in 2003 with Game Preserve on Antenna Farm Records. Next came Maroon Cocoon in 2005, a carefully honed lo/hi fi record. In 2007, a side project called Honeycut released The Day I Turned To Glass on Quannum Projects. Their tune, ‘Exodus Honey’, was featured on an iMac ad campaign as well as the installation disc for Mac OS Leopard and Snow Leopard. Bart Davenport returned in 2008 with his fourth solo album, Palaces. Featuring production help from psychedelic main man Kelley Stoltz, the album would be referred to by Sylvie Simmons of MOJO as “a fine example of San Fran’s vinyl and thrift shop culture, turning stuff people throw out into something new”.
Between Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, Davenport released three European records and spent much of his time touring the continent. There was a covers album, Searching For Bart Davenport (Tapete Records) and two from side projects; With All Due Respect by Incarnations (Lovemonk) and Comedians by Honeycut (Discograph). In 2012, Bart Davenport’s ‘Someone2Dance’ b/w ‘Cheap Words’ saw the return of longtime compatriot, Sam Flax, as producer. The Flax production opened a new chapter in the Davenport saga, with synthesizers reminiscent of 80s new wave. Following that, Davenport relocated to Los Angeles where he gathered together the band that would eventually record Physical World, released on Lovemonk and Burger Records in March 2014 to some critical acclaim. Indeed, Pitchfork described it as “
sophisticated and cheap-sounding at once, it's likable within five
seconds of hitting your ears”. In 2017 Bart & The Bedazzled recorded a follow up album
titled, Blue Motel produced by Aaron M. Olson whose signature sounds give the new album
a darker, cinematic atmosphere.
Starlight Cleaning Co.
Starlight Cleaning Co.
Starlight Cleaning Co. is a Mojave Desert operation fronted by Rachel Dean and Tim Paul Gray. Rachel and Tim’s paths were interwoven for nearly a decade before formally meeting in May of 2015 when they played a show together at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown , CA.

Previously Rachel had played under her name and released an album called Indian Summer produced by Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams) and Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre) as well as leading The Hot Fudge Sunday, Pappy and Harriet’s Sunday House Band and before that her band, War Children.

Tim fronted Orange County based bands The Delusions and Charles Mansion.

As as duo, Rachel and Tim have toured with Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Bash And Pop, Guns ‘n’ Roses) and on their own, as well, throughout the country.

Now as Starlight Cleaning Co. they are joined by bandmates Dan Sandvick (Hammered Satin, Joel Gion, and Charlie Overbey), and Sal Romano (Blank Tapes, Send Medicine, Moving Units and Lauren Barth). Drawing inspiration from Costello, Hynde, and Chilton as well as girl groups from the 60's, and late 70's/80's punk and power pop, Starlight Cleaning Co.'s male / female fronted vocal focus is pure, soulful and straightforward.

Currently, Starlight Cleaning Co. has been working on their debut record! Under the guidance of Bart Davenport (Bart and the Bedazzled, The Loved Ones, The Kinetics, Persephone's Bees, Honeycut) and Joel Jerome (dios, and producing credits with Cherry Glazzer, La Sera, and Mystic Braves), the record was recorded in the band's home in Joshua Tree, CA and is expected to be released in mid 2019.
Sweet Chariot
Sweet Chariot
Sweet Chariot is a San Francisco and Oakland based band with members who prefer old gear and cold beer. Their timeless rock ‘n’ roll is a blend of pickled pub rock and greasy biker boogie trimmed in the smoky tones of West Coast canyon-twang.

Sweet Chariot comprises singer/guitarist Eric Shea (Hot Lunch, Mover) and Planes Of Satori drummer Chris Labreche – both dudes from the bygone band Parchman Farm. They also landed bass player Doran Shelley, a former member of The Cramps and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind. Ride The Blinds’ frontman Chris Guthridge completes the band with shared singing duties and top-shelf lead guitar playing.
Venue Information:
Pappy & Harriet's
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA, 92268