Gram Rabbit Halloween Party I

Pappy + Scarriet's Halloween party

Gram Rabbit Halloween Party I

The Creepy Creeps

Fri, October 28, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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This event is all ages

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Gram Rabbit Halloween Party I - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Gram Rabbit Halloween Party I
Tickets are general admission and non-refundable.


A ticket to this show does not guarantee a seat. This is a non-seated show. Which means, there will not be chairs on the Dance Floor, just the tables for dinner only. Sometimes we move all the tables out if it is a well sold show.
call for dinner reservations 760 365 5956

Set Times are Subject To Change

Halloween comes twice again this year!
Gram Rabbit's 10th annual Halloween Extravaganza!

$100 Best Costume!

"Dry and tough as mule jerky, sexy as a swayed hip, the music weaves elements of electro-dance, Byrd's-era country rock, inner-space jazz, and gnomic meditations in the manner of Spiritualized and Pink Floyd into a sound that's unaffectedly homey, profoundly ambitious, and frankly revolutionary."
-Ron Garmon, LA CityBeat

Gram Rabbit's highly anticipated fourth record, Miracles & Metaphors, is now complete and plans for a spring release are underway. Produced by Ethan Allen(The 88, Luscious Jackson, Patti Griffin)who decided he loved the Rabbit so much he now joins them live on guitar, Miracles & Metaphors takes the listener on an epic journey of beauty and depth that has become all but extinct in today's market.

Founded in 2004 by Jesika von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California Gram Rabbit quickly gained attention for their offbeat styles as well as their decidedly bent take on modern music. Using beats, twangy guitars, programmed samples, a healthy dose of mind-altering lyrical illusion and super-charged sexual energy, Gram Rabbit were hailed as best new LA Band in 2005 at the LA Weekly Music Awards.

Momentum built as the band sold out West Coast clubs and earned rave reviews in monthly, daily and International publications. Their rapid ascent from outsiders to the top of the L.A. club scene could be attributed to the dichotomy of their audience. Well-heeled
hipsters in low-slung jean and ironic t-shirts could be found next to actress Scarlet Johansson. Uberfan John Cusack rounded out his iTunes celebrity playlist with music from the band. It's easy to see how the bands classy image combined with it's dirty sound was a lethal combination for their divergent audience.

When the band hopped the pond for some shows in the United Kingdom, the toast of Southern California made quite an impression on the tight-knit world of the London press with write ups in Time Out London, Dazed and Confused, The Independent and others. They were then invited to perform at the Wireless Festival in London sharing the stage with Basement Jaxx, M.I.A and LCD Soundsystem.

Gram Rabbit's must-see live show, their fantastic sound and their geographic desirability helped secure a much sought after gig at the desert music festival, Coachella. The trade magazine Daily Variety commented: Sunday's Coachella fest got off to a slow start with unimpressive performances by hyped artists like Fiery Furnaces and M.I.A. (with the definite exception of the acid-trip costume show by local, sexy psych-rockers Gram Rabbit.)

The adulation was not lost on Hollywood. A bevy of licensing opportunities were presented to band landing spots on CBS's "CSI", MTV's "The Assistant"' with Andy Dick, NBC's "Life" and "Dateline", Fox's "Head Cases", ABC's "10 Things I hate About You", Bravo's "Long Way Round", STARZ' "Crash", and FX's "Sons of Anarchy" to name a few.

With Miracles and Metaphors complete, Gram Rabbit is set to embark on the next phase of their career. Their fans are set for more hare-raising gigs, vital new additions to the live band and a sound that will surely get their asses moving and minds bending. Beatrix Potter couldn't have written it better herself.

Jesika von Rabbit- Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Todd Rutherford- Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Programming
Ethan Allen- Guitar, Programming
Hayden Scott- Drums

LP's to Date:

"Music to Start a Cult to" 2004 Stinky Records
"Cultivation" 2005 Stinky Records
"RadioAngel & ther RobotBeat" 2007 Royal Order
"Miracles & Metaphors" Coming soon!

Riding high off the buzz of their National Ad campaign with Fruit of the Loom, Gram Rabbit is set to hit the road with L.A.'s "Spindrift" in support of their upcoming new release, "Brasied & Confused". The National tour will begin in early March and include a showcase at SXSW in Austin.

In the late Summer of the year 2000, Jesika von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford met in a secluded house in Joshua Tree, in the middle of the Mohave Desert. Both weary of city life, and both in search of a destiny that centered around their musical ambitions. What they found in each other, would soon spark a creative force unlike any other in popular music today. A force that continues to expand, inspire, convert, and test the limits of the status quo.

"Dry and tough as mule jerky, sexy as a swayed hip, the music weaves elements of electro-dance, Byrd's-era country rock, inner-space jazz, and gnomic meditations in the manner of Spiritualized and Pink Floyd into a sound that's unaffectedly homey, profoundly ambitious, and frankly revolutionary."
-Ron Garmon, LA CityBeat

Gram Rabbit refer to their music as "Desert-Space-Rocktronica". Through five records, they have continued to reinvent themselves and evolve into unexplored territories. Combining and putting their own spin on an array of different genres, fans have grown to expect the unexpected from every release. They are indeed fearless, imaginative, and un-beholden to the music industries' framework. Today the band consists of Jesika von Rabbit(vocals, keys), Todd Rutherford(vocals, bass, programming), Ethan Allen(guitar, vocals, programming), and Jason Gilbert(drums). GR has recorded all their records on their own, with their guitarist Ethan producing(except album 5, produced by Todd Rutherford). Several of Ethan's other producing credits include Luscious Jackson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tricky, the Cult, Tim Finn, and Donita Sparks(L7).

Gram Rabbit's debut record, "Music to Start a Cult to", was released on New York's Stinky Records in 2004 to rave reviews. The L.A. Weekly hailed them as L.A.'s "Best New Artist" at their annual music awards show, and clubs began to swell with fans eager to experience the bands dynamic live performances. Momentum grew quickly landing GR a slot on the Main Stage of the Coachella Music and Art Festival. Richard Baca of the Denver Post had this to say about their performance at Coachella:

Future of indie: Gram Rabbit: Rilo Kiley should be ashamed. The excellent L.A. band ditched Saddle Creek Records, made a sub par album, then was outshone in its backyard by Gram Rabbit, billed as Coachella's only hometown band (from Joshua Tree.) Gram Rabbit's sample-infused country was not only dynamic (and Wilco-esque), but the tracks from "Music to Start a Cult to" are defined by their restlessness. One moment it's Flaming Lips-style electro-folk, the next dance- pop. One moment lead singer Jesika Von Rabbit sounds like Kim Deal, next Chrissie Hynde. It's an aural smorgasbord, and the meager crowd at the band's early-afternoon main-stage set was left salivating for more."

London's "Wireless Festival" in Hyde Park and San Diego's Street Scene Festival followed suit and invited the band to perform. After which, the UK's press joined in on the accolades printing comments such as:

"…Gram Rabbit take Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's formula for sexy psychedelic country to the next level. Hot 'n' weird."
- Dazed and Confused (UK)

"What a find this quirky Joshua Tree-o has turned out to be...Think Portishead on horseback"
- Derek Adams -Time Out London

Back in the States, GR's fan base grew steadily as they honed their live chops playing or touring with the likes of Le Tigre, Maximo Park, the Raveonettes, Satellite Party, Kinky, Ima Robot, West Indian Girl, Lotus, the Handsome Family, the Lovemakers, Electrolane, the 88, John Doe, the English Beat and many more. GR's live antics continued to leave a big impression on fans and the press alike:

"A non-stop 'shock and awe' show by a ridiculously gifted rock band. Gram Rabbit sets the bar high, very high."
-William Michael Smith The Houston Press

SXSW Best In Show " Gram Rabbit a desert trance band that is like Garbage and the B-52's with serious content."
- Brad Kava San Jose Mercury News

"Fronted by a woman who calls herself Jesika von Rabbit, teeters uncertain on 4-inch heels and exponentially enhances her allure with obstinate sullenness, Gram Rabbit offer up in spectacle exactly what they do in sound: music that reminds you of everything from eerie desert twilights to Carter-family country and then again sounds like nothing you've ever heard; a little twang, a lot of machine noise, some vaguely trancelike slowed-down synth effects, some fine psycho-pop lyrics about Jesus and cowboys and unrepentant goofiness."
- Judith Lewis LA WEEKLY

The past six years have brought four more full lengths from the band. The spacey introspective "Cultivation" in 2006, the socially-political themed electro-rock "RadioAngel & the RobotBeat" in 2007, the epic spiritually driven "Miracles & Metaphors" in 2010, and the throwback spaced-out country styling's of 2012's "Welcome to the Country". The band's new psychedelic dance-rock record "Braised & Confused" is set to be released in early 2013. To date their records have produced more than 30 licenses in television series, National commercial campaigns, and film, with more than 20 different tracks used in these spots. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, FX, BRAVO, STARZ, and MTV have all used the bands music in hit shows like CSI, Life, the Real World, Sons of Anarchy, Crash, and Ten Things I Hate About You, just to name a few. Kyocera and Fruit of the Loom have used the music to promote there products in National television campaigns. Motion pictures such as "Crazy, Stupid, Love(Steve Carell, Emma Stone)", "War Inc.(John Cusack)", and "Interview(Steve Buscemi)", have included the cinematic sounds of GR in their films.

Armed with two new releases an a celebrated live show, Gram Rabbit's stock will surely rise. A destiny once measured in ambition, is now one measured in accomplishment.

Gram Rabbit is the music I'd been looking for, even though I didn't realize I was looking. Edward Abbey wrote: "Love flowers best in openness and freedom." Gram Rabbit are proof that the same is true for music.
-Helen Jupiter – Editor at Suicide
The Creepy Creeps - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The Creepy Creeps
The Creepy Creeps is made up of players from bands such as the Locust, Struggle, and Tarantula Hawk. The band usually dresses in mariachi clothes, with skulls painted on their faces.

Mixing punk and garage rock with surf music, their first album in 2006 came out on U.K.’s Inka label. Being vinyl fans, their records so far have all had wax editions.

The Creeps know that when it comes to surf rock, it’s no longer enough that you should simply play a guitar. These days, it’s about how weird you can make your guitar sound while remaining inside the boundaries defined by surf and outside of the boundaries defined by the blues-rock guitar pyrotechnics that ultimately pulverized surf rock into oblivion by the mid to late ’60s. The Creepy Creeps’ guitar warbles and chirps and resonates with pure punk static. The drums are solid firecrackers, and the keyboards are vintage and electronic.

But the Creeps are revisionists, not pragmatists. They’ve managed to fire up the music with a boatload of their own ideas, not to mention living by a set of their own Rules to Rock.

Creepy Creeps Rule No. 1: Taunt the crowd.

While wearing Creepy Creeps chic (mariachi outfits, caveman drag, or spacesuits), the band likes to get a rise out of its fans. “We heckle them,” says guitarist Dave “ Creepture” Warshaw. “Every time we play, we explain that this is a dance party. Usually no one dances at the beginning of the show, but by the end everyone goes nuts.... Two of us were in the original [early-’90s] lineup of the Locust.”

Creepy Creeps Rule No. 2: Don't touch the dancers.

During the eight years they've been playing “creepy surf music,” Warshaw says the Creeps have been accompanied by two go-go dancers.

“A lot of the time people will try and grab the girls and get stupid,” says Warshaw. “But [groping] is not really a smart thing to do; when it gets radical, they get a kick in the head.” So the Creeps now perform with two male “crowd rousers.” They try and keep the crowd from going awry.

“There is always some complete rookie who takes things the wrong way. The girls are there to encourage a dance party, not to go home with every drunk asshole who thinks they like them.”

Creepy Creeps Rule No. 3: Ignore the digital age.

“We only have vinyl records. If someone wants to buy our music at our shows, they have to go buy a record player. This alleviates the problem with downloading music. It keeps vinyl alive.”

Creepy Creeps Rule No. 4: Never go into debt.

“We don't owe anybody anything. If you want to help the band out by putting out our music, fine. Green Door Records and Skateboards helped us with our 7-inch [45-rpm single]. They pressed 600; they got 300 and we split the other 300 with the Widows, who were on the flip side.”
Venue Information:
Pappy & Harriet's
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA, 92268