“If you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong place!”

All of our meats and fish are cooked on our amazing outdoor grill with Mesquite Wood. Everything is cooked to order. We only have one grill with only so much space, so food can take longer than usual on nights with high volume. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended. If there is a popular band playing, we suggest making a reservation a few weeks in advance. We have 2 seatings. The first is an early seating at 5-5:30pm, the Second is from 7PM for the rest of the night. That means if you have an EARLY seating, you will give up your table for the later reservation. That does not mean you have to leave P&H.. Just means the 2nd seating has arrived. You can sit at the bar, or just hang out and enjoy the music. 98% of our shows are free. If there IS a cover, it will be on our music page next to the artist who is playing. We have Live Music every night we are open. All different genres. If there isn’t a show listed, that means it has not been booked yet. Remember.. It’s Only Rock~n~Rock.. have fun, relax and ENJOY!

Please Note

If you didn’t have an amazing experience at P+H email us. Let us know and hopefully we can fix it for you. Please come to us before you write a bad review on Yelp,etc.. We are an independently owned establishment who cares deeply about our customers. It would be awesome to hear from YOU!